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20 October 2021
Sights in Travemünde

Distance from hotel: 4.9 km
Experience the fascination of the landmark of Travemünde at the harbour of Lübeck on the east coast...
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Distance from hotel: 5.5 km
The St.-Lorenz church was first mentioned indirectly in a document by the pope Gregor IX. ...
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Distance from hotel: 5.8 km
The old bailiwick in Travemünde is a nice place of interest for art lovers... » More

Distance from hotel: 5.9 km
You can experience the history of Travemünde as a seaside resort from the year 1802 until today every day... » More

Distance from hotel: 6.2 km
The old lighthouse in Travemünde is one of the oldest lighthouses in Germany... » More

Distance from hotel: 10.9 km
In former times, many more cutters were located in the fishing port in the Siechenbucht in Travemünde... » More

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